Instead of saying you’re funny, make us laugh

Yesterday morning, while I was riding the Brooklyn-bound train, a man boarded the cart, and sat down. As the train approached his stop, he began handing out his card unsurely proclaiming “I’m a comedian. All of my stuff is on my YouTube. I’m really funny.”

While it sounds funny in retrospect, all I could think is.. if you want us to check out your YouTube page, shouldn’t you tell a joke right now… so we could see that you are, in fact, funny?

He hopped off the train never telling a joke, or even hinting at something funny. Most people laid his card (which was written on a piece of looseleaf) onto the chair beside them, leaving it behind for other New Yorkers to throw into the paper bin.

Instead of saying you pay attention to detail, prov it and never misspell prove.

Instead of saying you sing, croon a great tune and record it on camera.

Instead of saying you’re a great writer, blog about something.

Instead of saying you’re funny, make us laugh.

Show us what you’re good at. So that we can believe you. We want to.


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